About the Artist

I was born and raised in a South Chicago suburb, Evergreen Park.  I worked in downtown Chicago all of my adult life, mostly as a Legal Secretary.  In 2002, I moved 4 hours away near St. Louis, Missouri.  I found a job as a Legal Secretary within a week and lived a largely unartistic life until a few years later.
A former boss was moving away and as a going away gift, she gave me a beaded necklace, which I loved.  The more I wore and studied it, the more I realized - I could make that!  I started making beaded necklaces and bracelets and then learned the art of wire bending.
Through my love of beading, I discovered the art of lampworking.  I was introduced to lampwork beads through the Forum on www.beadandbutton.com -- a bead art community.  I happened upon a post featuring the amazing lampwork beads of Corina Tettinger.  I was amazed by the minute detail, shapes, textures and colors and the way Corina blended her beads with crystal and Bali sterling silver into stunning bracelets.  Through my thorough and insatiable quest of this often breathtaking art, I have became friends with some immensely talented local St. Louis Lampwork artists.  I've linked some of them on my Links page.
I went to the St. Louis Lampworkers' Society's Annual Glass Galore bead show show and went home with a lampworkers' starter kit.  I made my first lampwork beads the next day in my basement.  I took Lampworking I and Fusing I glass classes at Glasshopper Studio.  I no longer am lampworking due to a severe reaction to the flame, but am still fusing glass in my studio.
I continue to grow as an artist and learn new jewelry techniques such as chain maile and wire sculpture.

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