Commisioned Works

These photos are some of my commissioned works. 
I love to work with my customers that have special requests.  They especially love being part of the creative process -- discussing the endless possibilities, colors and materials.  They are always satisfied with my interpretation of their vision.
This is a Mother's Bracelet I made at the request of my friend, Tina Spencer.  This bracelet is $60.

This is another Mother's Bracelet I made at the request of my friend and co-worker, Cathy Hetterman.  The picture simply does not do this bracelet justice.  It's very dainty and elegant.  This bracelet is $45.

This is a restoration I performed for my other dear friend, Vicky.  These stones had two previous lives - pictures of which will be posted on my restorations page soon.

This is a baby's bracelet I collaborated on with my - I sure have LOTS of dear friends - my dear friend, Melissa for her brand new grand niece, Ajaya.  Baby's first bling. $15

I created and donated this set to a silent auction for a co-worker.  I used Ruby Jade and Bali sterling silver.

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